SH PMG-W Wireless PanaMag Acoustic Pickup & Preamp

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The Shadow PanaMAG Wireless System for Acoustic Guitar is a unique soundhole mounted pickup and preamp system with wireless stereo transmission. The integrated PanaMag pickup is a dual pickup with stereo output. The bass group and treble group of strings each have their OWN pickup. The included panorama (pan) control allows the output to be spread between mono and stereo. The SH PMG-W gives players separate tone controls for the bass AND treble strings, while the phase switch reduces feedback in live PA settings. This system also comes equipped with an onboard chromatic tuner.

Best of all, this system is easy to install, and no modifications to your instrument are necessary!

  • Stereo NanoMAG pickup (a magnetic pickup with wide frequency response)
  • Panorama control: set output as mono or as panorama stereo
  • BT/T tone control for upper 3 strings (Treble)
  • BT/B tone control for lower 3 strings (Bass)
  • Master volume control
  • Wireless on/off
  • Chromatic tuner
  • 80 meters transmission distance (6ms maximum latency time)
  • 5.2 GHz transmission
  • 6 hours battery life from internally mounted Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Included power adapter needed to power wireless receiver also used to charge soundhole mounted preamp battery
  • Pickup/ preamp fits all soundholes
  • Includes: wireless receiver, AC/DC power adaptor, USB cable, and stereo NanoMAG pickup/preamp
  • No modifications to instrument needed.


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