SH RB-PRO Rockabilly Pro Dual Pickup & Preamp System for Upright Bass & Tololoche


Product Details

The Shadow SH RB-PRO is a stereo pickup and preamp combination for upright bass. It was developed in collaboration with the well-known Rockabilly bassist Didi Beck. The SH RB-PRO was designed specifically with Rockabilly in mind, but it can be used for any musical style. The system is designed to use two included pickups, one for slap (mounted underneath the fingerboard) and one for the bridge.

  • Complete pickup/preamp combo with separate bridge pickup and slap pickup
  • Bridge channel: Gain, Bass, Mid, Presence, Volume, Subsonic Filter, Pre-Shape
  • Slap Channel: Gain, Lo-Cut, Treble, Volume, switchable 4 kHz / 8 kHz bass frequency
  • Phase switch
  • Automatic chromatic tuner
  • Connects to a mono or 2 channel amp
  • 9V DC input



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