The technology behind Shadow: Nanoflex and NanoMAG


Nanoflex pickups are a specially designed pickup which sense the vibrations of the instrument. What makes them different than traditional "piezo" pickups is that they use a very thin, flexible sensor which can contour itself around the bridge of a guitar, or other component. Traditional piezos have a thick piece of stiff plastic and metal which can hinder the sound vibrations, making your instrument sound different once they are installed.

Since Nanoflex is a manmade sensor (unlike piezo crystals) the pickup itself can remain highly consistent in production. Piezos can suffer from inconsistent response on various points.

The Nanoflex technology also uses active components in the pickup itself to deliver a low impedance signal to the preamp. This cuts 60 cycle hum and extraneous noise.

Nanoflex pickups can be used on any instrument that vibrates, including acoustic or classical guitars, ukulele, banjo, sitar, etc.



Nanomag pickups are magnetic pickups for use with metal strings. Compared to other magnetic pickups, yet they work well for acoustic or electric guitars.

They are a low impedance active mini humbucker with Samarium Cobalt magnets. The frequency response is much wider than normal magnetic pickups which are mostly sensitive in the mid range and often offer "characteristic" tone for electric guitarists.

Nanomag has a near linear frequency response so it can sense the sparkle which often gets lost to other magnetic pickups when used on acoustic instruments. It can even help electric guitars sound more "acoustic" when used.

It is a technology that is patented by Shadow, and not available elsewhere.