SH 340 Acoustic Humbucker Pickup


Product Details

The Shadow SH 340 is a NanoMAG sound hole mount humbucker pickup for steel string acoustic guitar. NanoMAG pickups are low-impedance active mini-humbuckers made with Samarium Cobalt magnets. These innovative Shadow pickups are balanced for both acoustic and electric guitar strings and have a much larger frequency range than your typical midrange-heavy humbucker. This easy-to-install and height-adjustable pickup can be rotated inside your guitar’s soundhole to alter tonal response.

  • Large NanoMAG humbucker
  • Height adjustable 0mm to 15mm 
  • Easy installation 
  • Integrated endpin 
  • Large strap button (D = 16.5mm)
  • For sound hole diameters: 96 to 105 [mm]
  • Passive, no battery required
  • DC Resistance: 5.28kOhm
  • B-string volume compensation


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