SH 4012 PanaFlex Pickup &Preamp


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The Shadow SH 4012 is an onboard preamp and pickup combination with panorama effect. The integrated PanaFlex pickup is a stereophonic NanoFlex pickup with an independent mix for the 3 bass strings and the 3 treble strings. This preamp/pickup combination incorporates our Nanoflex pickup technology which not only respond to string vibrations, but also to the vibrations of the body of the instrument simultaneously. This completed shielded system incorporates active amplification in the pickup itself, which makes it 100% hum and noise free.  The SH 4012 preamp gives players separate bass and treble controls for the bass AND treble strings, while the phase switch eliminates noise and feedback. The panorama control allows the output to be spread along the stereo field. This system also comes equipped with an onboard chromatic tuner.

  • Available for Acoustic (SH 4012 A) or Classical (SH 4012 C)
  • Onboard preamp w/stereo PanaFlex pickup
  • Panorama slider
  • Volume control
  • Automatic, chromatic tuner
  • Phase switch
  • Frame size: 92mm x 55mm
  • Required cut-out: 64mm x 43mm


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